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JBL Diaphragms :: JBL-2405-J-16-Ohm-Diaphragm

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This diaphragm is a direct replacement for the JBL 2405,
2402, 2402J, 2404, 2404J, 2404J-1, 2405J and 077, driver / horn and the Peavey HT-94

Before ordering: Please remove the driver from the cabinet and confirm the model number of the diaphragm.


    • 16 ohm
    • Overall diaphragm diameter 3-in or 76mm
    • Voice coil diameter 1 3/4-in or 44mm
    • Radiator ring is aluminum

    This diaphragm has the aluminum ring radiator with a copper clad aluminum edge-wound
    voice coil on a Kapton former just like the original JBL 2405J diaphragm.

    The aluminum ring radiator of this diaphragm will give you a truer, more
    lifelike sound than the muddy sound given from the titanium diaphragms found
    elsewhere. Titanium diaphragms do no handle more power.
    This diaphragm will handle the same amount of power, and sounds the same as the
    original JBL 2405J diaphragm, guaranteed!

    Q: Will this diaphragm fit and work with either the JBL 075, 2402 and 2402H drivers?

    A1: Yes you can make this diaphragm work for the JBL 075, 2402 and 2402H drivers if
    you follow this tips given in the FAQ section of this website.

    (Click here for the FAQ page)

    A2: The link on the left will take you to a video that will show you how to install
    this diaphragm into the 075 and 2402 drivers as well as the 077, 2404 and 2405 drivers.

    Item Code:: JBL-2405-J-16-Ohm-Diaphragm

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