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JBL Kits: Our Kits are Pre-Assembled Drop-in Kits :: JBL-D130F-8-Recone-Kit

JBL-D130F-8 Preassembled Recone Kit with the paper surround.
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JBL-D130-16 Preassembled Recone Kit with the paper surround.

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$100.00 Web Price Only
Ships in 1 Business Day

JBL-D130-8 Preassembled Recone Kit with the paper surround.

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JBL-D130F-8 Preassembled Recone Kit with the paper surround.

Average Rating: 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5    Write a Review »

$100.00   Web Price Only
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JBL D130F ribbed cone and cloth surround recone kit:
This JBL D130F, Pro Parts 8 ohm reproduction recone kit is absolutely the finest recone kit for the JBL D130F available anywhere. This is a one piece, preassembled, drop-in kit. It is complete and comes with every thing you need to recone this speaker yourself. Very easy to install. Click here to see. This kit even comes with the surround treatment just like the original D130F speakers.

If you have a JBL D130F, and you want the classic sound that it had when it was new, then you need to recone your speaker with this kit.

What is the differences between the JBL D130 and the D130F?:
Good question. There are three differences .

  1. The hard parts. The frames of the D130 and the D130F are the same except for the magnet gap that the voice coil rides in. The gap has been opened up to keep the voice coil from rubbing in the gap do to over tightening of the mounting bolts, warping the frame.
  2. The soft parts. The surround has doping on it to try and keep the surround from drying out and cracking during outdoor use.
  3. The sound. Because the gap has been opened up, the cone is heavier and has a cloth surround this dropped the efficiency 1 db. The D-130F is the D-130 redesigned for a bass guitar.

We recommend using the D130, non F kit for the D130 or the D130F frames unless you plan on using your vintage speakers outside.

Voice Coil:
We have done a lot of research on this kit. We know you want the very best for your vintage speaker. We started with the voice coil, custom made for The voice coil is flat wire wound / edge wound, with aluminum wire, wound on a Nomex former. The venting holes have been placed in exactly the same location as the original coil. The coil has the correct polarity and DCR of 5.6. Yes this is the correct DCR for an 8 ohm JBL D130F coil. If you recone a JBL D130F, 8 ohm speaker with a DCR other then the correct DCR of 5.6, your speaker will not sound like a D130F. The coil weighs 5 grams, again the same as the original coil. The coil was made to the exact specifications of the original JBL D130F voice coil except for the former height. We increased the former height 0.0394 of an inch to accommodate the modern spider.

The original JBL D130F kit assembly (cone over coil, spider over cone) was difficult and unpractical way of assembling. Also, the original spider is no longer in production. JBL has moved to a new, now standard, assembly method (spider over coil, cone over spider). We have also adopted this method and use the modern JBL spider. This new spider is 0.0394 of an inch taller at the cone mounting point. This is why we made the coil 0.0394 of an inch taller to accommodate for the modern spider.

The cone shape is curve linear with a paper surround. The cone is custom made for us to fit the new height of the voice coil and spider assembly. The cone weighs the correct 20 grams. Unfortunately, the vintage cone pulp formula is no longer available. The modern pulp is very close in consistency, resulting in an excellent cone in weight, strength and resonant frequency. This kit even comes with the surround treatment just like the original D130F speaker.
If we could find original cones, we would use them. Original cones are not available. Yes, you can find so called NOS cones on eBay, but they are not original and weigh 26 grams, not 20 grams (as do ours and the original D130F cones). If you could find an original cone, it would be dried out and brittle, making it completely unusable.

This D130F recone kit is pre-assembled using our custom manufactured jig, created exclusively for this recone kit. Using this jig to assemble the D130F recone kits ensures the spider and cone are set to the exact proper depth to put the voice coil in dead center to the magnets top plate every time, giving you the most efficient speaker possible after reconing. We use only top grade cyanoacrylate adhesive for the coil to spider joint and spider to cone joint resulting in a superior light weight bound that will hold up with years of use.

Dust Cap:
We use an aftermarket aluminum dust cap for this kit. The kit is assembled in such a way as to accept an original JBL aluminum dust cap if you choose to use one. Original dust caps can be found from time to time on the internet.

The cork gaskets we use are the modern rubberized cork gaskets, similar to the gaskets used by JBL today.

We include a 1 oz. tube of glue with this kit for gluing the surround and spider to the frame. This is the same Moyen RS-3087 adhesive that is shipped with original JBL recone kits and re-packaged for

Centering Shim:
A voice coil centering shim is included. The shim is used to keep the voice coil centered in the voice coil gap while the recone kit is fitted to the speaker frame. The shim is removed after the adhesive has dried.

Printed instructions are included with the kit, and can also be view online. Click here for step-by-step, easy to follow instructions for installing our Pro Parts DIY recone kits.

Guarantee and Warranty:
And on top of all this, each kit comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 2 year warranty. Click here for full guarantee and warranty details.


Voice Coil



Dust Cap

Diameter 4 inch Type Flat Size 15 inch Material Aluminum
Former Height 0.860 inch Outside Diameter 7 inches VC OD 4 inch Size 4.125 inch
Former Material Nomex Inside Diameter 4 inches Surround Material Cloth Weight 4 grams
Wire Type Flat wire aluminum Ribs 4 Cone Material Ribbed Paper    
Wind Type Edge wound Weight 5 grams Weight 20 grams    
Weight 5 grams     Style Curve linear    
Ohm 8.0            
DCR 5.6            

Again, the DCR of 5.6 is absolutely correct for the JBL D130F 8 ohm voice coil.

Item Code:: JBL-D130F-8-Recone-Kit

Customer Reviews for JBL-D130F-8-Recone-Kit

Average Rating: 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 (4 reviews)

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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Superb Kit!, 8.6.2014
Reviewer: Matt McBrayer (Dripping Springs, TX)

Having compared this kit to some original D-130s, I am totally impressed with the sound and quality. I have been using my D-130Fs with the D-130 kits for 2 years. They sounded great from day one, and even better after breaking in. Watch the installation video and be careful and you will have first time success. Thanks for a great kit. I will be ordering one for my K-130, soon!

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 D130f, best bang for the buck!, 3.10.2012
Reviewer: Bryan Hibler (Reed Springs, MO)

I purchased a d140f when in a bind for guitar. The shop assured me that it was plenty good for what I was needing. After some research and experience with that speaker I found it to be not great for my lead playing. I found SSS and corresponded with Richard, whom was very helpful. I told him the kinds of music I play and how I need a speaker that performs very linear in the frequency range. He suggested the d130f with paper surround. The kit came packaged very well and with the instructions and online instructions I was able to recone my d140f to the d130f specs. Now my amp sounds sweeter than ever! Thanks SSS and Richard for your great product!

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Authentic sound after reconing, 5.31.2011
Reviewer: Esa Tervala (CH, 3076)

I am very pleased, that my favorite speaker sounds like it used to again. I did not believe it to be possible, but now after breaking it in for a few weeks, I know this product made it possible. You guys really have done a good job. many thanks! Esa Tervala, Switzerland

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 jbl d130-f, 7.10.2010
Reviewer: roger vignola (torrance, CA)

first off i want to say thank you to richard sr. his understanding with patiance was bar none with all the questions i shot at him, since this was my first recone job......second i was trying to match the tone to the original and to be true to the sound of the original speaker................there are many kits out there, and from reading in forums and picking richards brain i settled with this kit............the installation was smooth and easy and kind of fun, but with alittle nerviousness since it was my first..... i jumped right in and got it done ................COMPARISON... i also have a weber california.there is NONE this d-130f speaker is unbelievable, tone is full and clear.............its hard to explain...........elegant comes to mind!!!............and it handles all that i throw at it.....i also enjoy it playing some blues (aka clapton style) all in all its a great kit and want to say thanks again richard..............


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