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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I change a burnt / blown voice coil in a speaker or woofer?

The voice coil is glued to the spider and to the cone. You will not be able to remove the voice coil without doing damage to the spider and cone. The correct way to replace a voice coil in a speaker or woofer is to recone it, replacing the voice coil, voice coil lead wires, spider, cone, surround, dust cap and gaskets. Replacing all of these parts, "the moving parts" will essentially give you a new speaker.

Q: Can you replace the burnt / blown voice coil on a diaphragm?

When you blow a voice coil in a speaker, you repair the speaker by reconing it, replacing the voice coil, lead wires, spider, cone, dust cap, gaskets. When you blow the voice coil an a diaphragm type tweeter or speaker, you will need to replace the entire diaphragm assembly to repair the driver. This is a one piece assembly that consists of the voice coil, diaphragm dome, diaphragm body and terminals. The individual components for a diaphragm assembly are almost never sold individually. Diaphragms are very easy to replace and install, (Click Here).

Q: I keep blowing diaphragms. What can I do to stop this?

Diaphragms are very sensitive components. The wire used to wind the voice coil is thinner then the hair on your head and is very sensitive to abuse. Almost every time a diaphragm goes bad is because of some sort of equipment problem or abuse. You will need to fix the problem that blew the diaphragm or you will keep blowing diaphragms. Common problems that blow diaphragms and can also blow speakers and woofers are,

Turning equipment on or off with the volume turned up
Plugging in and unplugging cables with the volume turned up
Shorting out, loose or worn cables
Overpowering Under powering (clipping the amp)
Feedback. Try using a feedback eliminator

Q: Do you have a diaphragm to fit the JBL 075, 2402 and 2402H drivers?

Sorry, we do not stock diaphragms for the JBL 075, 2402 and 2402H drivers.

Q: Will the diaphragm that fits the JBL 077, 2404, 2404H, 2404H-1, 2405 and 2405H drivers fit the JBL 075, 2402 and 2402H driver?

First the diaphragm for the JBL 077, 2404, 2404H, 2404H-1, 2405 and 2405H drivers all use the same diaphragm. We refer to this diaphragm as the 2404. No, the JBL 2404 diaphragm will not fit the JBL 075, 2402 and 2402H drivers, but keep reading. The pole piece of the 075, 2402 and 2402H drivers is slightly shorter then the pole piece of the 2404 driver. If you use a diaphragm for a 2404 driver on the 075, 2402 and 2402H drivers, the center ring of the diaphragm will not sit on or touch the top of the pole piece leaving a slight gap between the pole piece and the center ring of the diaphragm. When you screw down the phased plug it will stretch the aluminum radiator ring and also set the voice coil to far down into the coil gap. The results will be low volume and very short life of the diaphragm.

However we are going to let you in on a little trick we learned from a customer. You can use a 2404 diaphragm in your 075, 2402 and 2402H drivers with great results. The center ring of a 075, 2402 and 2402H diaphragms are slightly thicker compensating for the shorter pole piece. The trick is to place a layer of masking tape on the top of the pole piece. This will make up the difference of the shorter pole piece. Because masking tape thickness differs form brand to brand, check the thickness and fit before screwing down the pole piece. Set the diaphragm on the driver. Press lightly on the center ring. If you feel a gap, you either need another layer of tape or you need to use thicker tape. If the outer diaphragm ring is not sitting flush on the driver, you may have to much tape on the pole piece.

We use this trick ourselves in the shop and are very pleased with the results. Our customers are also very pleased with the sound of the replacement diaphragm as well as the significant cost savings.

Q: Why don't you stock a 16 ohm diaphragm for the JBL 077, 2404 and 2405, J driver?

JBL has labeled the 077, 2404 and 2405 drivers with both the H for 8 ohm and J for 16 ohm but, JBL never used a 16 ohm diaphragm in the 077, 2404 and 2405 drivers. They only installed the 8 ohm diaphragm in these drivers. Why we don't know. Just another JBL mystery.

Q: When installing your Pro Parts, JBL 2418 diaphragm in my JBL EON, which wire do I hook up to the positive terminal of the diaphragm?

The wires in your JBL EON are colored blue (positive) and white (negative). You need to hookup the blue (positive) wire to the terminal of the diaphragm that is marked with the red positive sticker.

Q: I don't see the recone kit I need listed on your website. Do you carry it?

All of the recone kits that we stock are listed on our website. If you don't see the kit you need you may request it, (Click Here). From time to time we will review the requested kits from our customers and then send you an email about the new kits.  The most popular of the kits will be produced first.

Q: I don't see the diaphragm I need listed on your website. Do you carry it?

All of the diaphragms that we stock are listed on our website. Many manufactures copy other manufactures drivers and diaphragms. If you diaphragm looks and measures the same as one listed on our website, then that diaphragm should fit your and work in your driver just fine. I for some reason it does not fit or work to your satisfaction, you have 30 days to return it. See the Guarantee and Warrantee Q&A above for details.

Q: What is DCR?

DCR stands for, Direct Current Resistance. This the actual ohm reading when measuring the resistance of a voice coil to a speaker or diaphragm disconnected from the circuit.

Q: The positive sticker came off of the diaphragm. Which terminal is the positive terminal?

To determined the positive terminal. If your diaphragm has an ohm sticker on it, position the diaphragm so that the ohm sticker is at the top. With the ohm sticker at the top, the positive terminal is on the right.
If you do not have an ohm sticker on the diaphragm, then the terminal with a color marking on it is the positive terminal. It does not matter what color the marking is, red, purple, black, this is the positive terminal.

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