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JBL 2412 diaphragms keep blowing. Why?

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There are a number of reasons why these diaphragms keep blowing, but we will talk about that in a moment. Our shop receives the most complaints about the JBL 2412 and 2413 series diaphragm blowing than any other diaphragm from any other manufacturer. JBL charges about $85.00 for a complete driver assembly.  Why?  There is nothing wrong with the driver, it is just a magnet. The diaphragm is what goes bad. Replacing the diaphragm will fix the driver making your tweeter work again.
We offer an aftermarket replacement diaphragm for a fraction of what JBL charges, (Click Here). It is very simple to replace it yourself; just 4 small bolts and about 5 minutes total time.

 Click here to see a video showing how easy it is to replace this diaphragm yourself.

Customers often ask, do you have an upgrade diaphragm or driver that will handle more power? In order to get the proper ohm value for the coil, the proper amount of wire in the correct gage must be used. If we used a wire that handled more power, the coil would be too thick to fit in to the gap of the driver. The JBL 2412 and 2413 series diaphragms are labeled as 8 ohm diaphragms by JBL. The DCR of these diaphragms is 4.3 ohms. This is a very low DCR for an 8 ohm diaphragm.
We have found that the best way to keep the JBL 2412 and 2413 diaphragms from blowing, other than upgrading to a better cabinet that does not use these drivers, is to stop the problems that keeps blowing the diaphragms. One major cause of this diaphragm blowing is feedback. Many of our customers have had very good success with a feedback eliminator. Feedback and the other problems listed below may all cause diaphragms, and sometimes speakers, to blow. The more power a driver will handle, the less likely it will be damaged by the following problems:

  • Feedback as noted above. Try using a feedback eliminator.

  • Loud, high pitched, screaming into the microphone. This will sound just like feedback.
  • Overpowering.
  • Under powering. This is easy to fix. The clipping light will illuminate when clipping is happening. All amplifiers will clip at their higher volumes. The fix is to turn the volume down a little until the clipping light goes out.
  • Turing the power on with the volume turned up. This can sometimes cause a loud pop, blowing the tweeter diaphragm.
  • Turning the power off with the volume turned up. This may also cause a loud pop, blowing the tweeter diaphragm.
  • A power outage will also have the same outcome.
  • A shorting or loose connection in any part of any of the input cables, again, causing a loud pop.
  • Dropping a microphone, causing a loud pop blowing the diaphragm.
  • Equipment malfunction. In some cases, amplifiers will go bad, blowing diaphragms and speakers.
  • And the number one reason speakers and diaphragms blow is, itís not the operators equipment. When the operator of the equipment has no financial responsibility, they tend to take less care than you would, often overpowering the system.

If you replace a diaphragm or speaker without fixing the problem that blew it in the first place, you will be replacing it again. It does not matter what brand you replace it with, fix the problem, or keep replacing the diaphragms.

JBL 2412 All Metal Diaphragm 8 Ohm JBL 2412 All Metal Diaphragm 8 Ohm
Code: JBL-2412-Metal-Diaphragm
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