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Installation Instructions

Aluminum Dust Cap Replacement Instructions

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Does your original JBL dust cap look like this? If so then we have a quick, simple and inexpensive Do-It-Yourself fix.
Another original JBL aluminum dust cap will not fit over another original JBL dust cap but our aftermarket aluminum dust cap is just a little larger and fits very nicely.
Cut the damaged dust cap right at the line where the dome turns and starts strait down. Cut all the way around and discard old dust cap.
Make sure that you clean any debris that might have gotten loose under the dust cap. Take a piece of masking tape and wipe it across the palm of your hand a few times to remove most of the sticky. Insert the tape between the coil and the pole piece with the sticky side towards the pole piece. Run the tape around a few times to remove any debris from the gap.
Make a handle from a piece of masking tape and stick it to the top of the new dust cap. Dry fit the new dust cap to see where you will need to put the bead of glue.
The bead should go right in the space between the voice coil and the cone.
Place the new dust cap into the glue. Leave the tape on the dust cap until the glue has dried. You may also need to put a weight on the dust cap to keep it down in the glue. We have found that a upside down shot glass works very well for the weight.
Click here to order our JBL 4-in aluminum dust cap.

This is a 4.125-in aluminum dust cap. This dust cap can be used to repair a damaged or missing dust cap for may JBL speakers D130, D130F, D140, D140F, D131, D120 to name a few, that use the 4-in dust cap.

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